Our foodservice research tools help savvy innovators and marketers
capitalize on new opportunities in the K-12 market.

Fast Answers

Ad-hoc Research

K-12 Foodservice Operator

Quick answers to unique day-to-day issues

Customize your questions to address your key issues

Access to key decision makers in K-12 operations

Summary reporting for fast decision making about your issues

Online Bulletin Boards

Qualitative Exploration

K-12 Qualitative Research

In-depth K-12 operator feedback, perceptions, and attitudes on your important issues

The online format offers:


National reach for a hard to reach audience


Convenience and cost savings by eliminating travel


Flexibility with images and other stimuli

Full detailed transcript delivered shortly after the session

Discrete Choice Modeling

Building Optimal Concepts

K-12 Foodservice Opportunities

Quantifying the impact of different product attributes on purchase decisions

Test different combinations of features and benefits to determine the best new product combination

Provides a market simulator to evaluate different "what if" scenarios

Product Evaluations strives to help you navigate through the many challenges of change in the K-12 segment,
so you can make better decisions. We want to help you develop winning strategies for increased business success!

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