Product Evaluations, Inc.
What does your team do with all the great menu ideas they create?
Do you have a process that allows your customers to weigh in on your ideas throughout the development process?
Do you have a way to move the best ideas forward, and re-work those that need more development effort?
Product Evaluations, Inc.
Menu Pipeline Validation keeps your menu vibrant, with proven menu concepts that meet your customers needs. Product Evaluations will work with your team to create a unified pipeline process that gives teams:
  • Customer driven decision making
  • Consistent and replicable results
  • Data that aligns business metrics with menu objectives
Menu Pipeline Validation research is a funneling process that moves winning ideas toward menu development. It involves four standardized steps intended to provide menu innovators with the essential data to drive more effective decisions. The process is templated to be highly time and resource efficient.
Step 1: Respondent Screening
  • Standardized tool identifies qualified customer/participants
  • Unifies participants for all research designs
Step 2: Concept Screening
  • Multiple "idea" statements tested to surface those that resonate
  • Conducted via high speed online respondent pools
Step 3: Concept Testing
  • Developed menu concepts are tested against normative measures and agreed business hurdles
  • Consumer demographics define target audiences
Step 4: Taste Testing
  • Menu executions are prepared in central commercial kitchen spaces and tested among target consumers
  • Customers engage with your food and shape formulation
Each time you move a menu idea through the Pipeline Validation process, you will have:
  • Identified menu ideas that are truly attractive to your customers
  • Understood the potential of new menu concepts to bring in customers and drive repeat visits
  • Proven consumer satisfaction and intent to purchase of menu items before operationalizing them